Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Sale Purchases & Super Kid at the Super Bowl




Let's start by talking about what I purchased myself on the Sunday super sale on TPT:

First up, I bought Cara Carroll's Valentine Math Tub Activities because they are super cute. I LOVE HER. You must follow her blog and check out the unit. 


 Then I got my hands on some 2nd grade Common Core Worksheets for Review / Homework from Second Story Window:


Next up is Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants. Amazing Blog and Unit! OMG the kids are going to love spelling!!!


 I couldn't find a main picture for this and I hope she doesn't mind, but this is a sample page from her unit, 2nd Grade CCSS Homework! (Also by Second Story Window)



Have you read my post about the Super Kid from my school? I think I can post some videos but not sure. It is getting late and I have teacher INSERVICE in the morning, YAY. Anyway, it sounds like I have to use a third party website to encode videos into MarsEdit. Anyone else have some experience with that?


I'm also thinking about having another giveaway, but with a longer time so we can get some big entries. Maybe something for 3/1/13? Or 3/13/13? Who KNOWS! Let me know if you are interested, or if you are already planning a giveaway and I can throw in some special items. Let's get the ball rolling!





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